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  • Over thousands of years of national building and defense, the Vietnamese people have made untold sacrifices to gain the fundamental human rights, namely the right to live in independence and freedom, the right to food, clothing, housing,  education and dignity. In the Declaration of Independence of September 2nd, 1945, giving birth to the independent and free State of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh proclaimed that “All the nations on the earth are equal from birth, all the nations have a right to live, to be happy and free.”
  • The book entitled “Land Border Between Vietnam and China” is aimed at providing the readers with an outline of the- process of negotiations in a move to reach the signing in late l999 of the Treaty on Land B order between Vietnam and China and the process of completing in late 2008 the planting of the border milestones along the whole length of the border line.
  • With nearly three hundred fifty selected images, the photo book General Vo Nguyen Giap sketches a true, thorough, and vivacious portrait of the life and work of Comrade Vo Nguyen Giap- a talented general, a famous revolutionary, an eminent student of Ho Chi Minh, an outstanding son of our nation, and a man whom our people cherish and whom our international friends admire.
  • Đường Lâm is located between the Red River and Tich River at the outer edge of the Northern Delta. Its uneven terrains is made up of rows of hills at the foot of Ba Vi Mountain. Beautiful rivers and peaks make up a fascinating landscape. It is a place where historical and cultural traditions are still preserved.
  • Geographical characteristics; Historical background; Five-year socio-economic development plan 2006-2010; Vietnam socio-economic issues in 2007 and forecasts for 2008; Major political, diplomatic, socio-economic and social events in Vietnam in 2007; Vietnam's projects that call for foreign investment.
  • 越南2012年展望为给读者捉供能够概括地了解越南共产党笫十次全国代表大会上所讨论并决定的基本内容,同时了解越南即将走的道路。
  • The White Papers on the National Defense of Vietnam in the early years of the 21st century, published by the Ministry of National Defense of Vietnam, describes the policy of national defense of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, pointing out the nature of peace and self-defense and the direction of building an all-people's national defense and all-People Armed Forces in early years of the 21st century
  • The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), also known as the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP), is the founding and ruling political party of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Although nominally it exists alongside the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, it maintains a unitary government and has centralized control over the state, military, and media. The supremacy of the Communist Party is guaranteed by Article 4 of the national constitution. As of 2012, the highest-ranked member of the Politburo is Trương Tấn Sang, the current President of Vietnam. Nguyễn Phú Trọng, the eighth ranked member of the 11th Politburo, holds the title of General Secretary of the Central Committee.