Tác giả: Mai Ly Quang
Nhà xuất bản Thế Giới Publisher
Trọng lượng
Kích thước 20 x 15 cm
Số trang 207
Ngày xuất bản The Year 2010

Since its establishment on February 3, 1930, the CPV has led Vietnamese people to obtain great victories.

First, it was the success of the August 1945 Revolution and the foundation of the Democratic Republic of Việt Nam. This is the collective outcome of preceding revolutionary movements that took place continuously during the period of fifteen years after the establishment of the Party, from the NghệTĩnh Soviet high tide to the 1936-1939 democratic campaign and the 1939-1945 national liberation movement. It should also be noted that the Vietnamese revolution was sunk in bloodshed several times. The semi-feudal colonialism was ultimately abolished throughout the country and a new era of national independence associated with socialism was opened.

Second, the glorious victories of the resistance wars resulted in the liberation of the whole country, abolishment of the old and new imperialism in Việt Nam, accomplishment of the national and democratic liberation revolution, reunification of the nation, advancement of the country toward socialism, and contribution to the international people’s struggle for peace, national independence, democracy and social advances.

Third, the success of the renewal process led the country to gradually overcome the transitional period towards socialism. Based on achievements and experiences in building socialism in the North during the war and in the early years of reunification as well as the people’s initiatives, the CPV pointed out and carried out renovation, built socialism, and protect the country in accordance with the reality of Việt Nam and the new international situation. During the process of renovating, industrializing, and modernizing the country in the orientation of socialism, the CPV has been consistent in building and implementing appropriate approaches and policies, bringing into full play the valuable national traditions and previously-obtained revolutionary achievements, maintaining national independence, and bringing the country to advance firmly towards socialism. The Vietnamese revolution overcame many difficulties and challenges during its development and continuously achieved more and more resounding successes. Those achievements were always associated with the development and lucid leadership of the CPV.

Based on published documents and works on the history of the CPV, ThếGiới Publishers decided to compile a book titled History of the Communist Party of Việt Nam (Questions and answers)with the hope of providing foreign readers with necessary knowledge of the history of the CPV in a brief and systematical manner, through which you can have a better understanding of the decisive role of the CPV to the glorious victories of Vietnamese revolution.